Singles and Pairs Results

SINGLES 1st ROUND M Mulhall 25 d C Smith 17  (Marker B Sillett) SINGLES 2nd ROUND Merv Turner 25 d Chris Hoskins 22  (Marker M Ruka) Greg Rolls 25 d Greg Birks 12  (Marker B Purcell) PAIRS 1st ROUND T Martin & T Walsh 19 d T Waters & W Young 14

A Singles Results

BRUCE PURCELL 25 d BARRY SILLETT 24 (cracking game!) BEN WALSH 25 d TERRY WALSH 21 (another cracking game) CHRIS HOSKINS 25 d DANIEL MENADUE 8 GREG ROLLS 25 d TREVOR WATERS 8 Thanks to the markers – Greg Birks, Coops, John Menadue and Cheeky or giving up their time!