2017 Super Challenge – Round 4

Match Report

February 19, 2017

Bronze Round 4 vs Musgrave Hill (Away)

A tough weekend loomed for the Bronze team with a ‘nasty’ double header – firstly away to Musgrave Hill on the Gold Coast and then to Pine Rivers on Sunday.

With a few players away and/or unavailable, it was tough to round up a solid team but we arrived at Musgrave Hill full of confidence and hope (mostly hope)!

Danny Keough stepped up to the singles plate to give Magilla a well earned rest from those duties. Dan had a tough opponent from the very strong Musgrave team and soon found himself down 4-10. However Dan hung in there tenaciously and his opponent was heard to mutter to one of his team mates that ‘this prick just won’t lie down’! Dan tried everything to get back into the game. At one stage he even tried putting the small ring on the outside – this resulted in a beautifully weighted bowl three rinks away. The fight was a very good one but eventually Dan went down by 21-31 in a score that flattered the home player.

Al Daniels was also new to the Bronze team after some impressive performances for the P7 team. Al teamed up with Magilla and they took on Kiely and Davis from the MH team. Our boys were slow to jump but reversed it quickly and soon led by 9-4. After 11 ends Al and the Ape (it could one day be a movie) were leading by 14-8 but the match was very tight. The local boys found their mojo and actually took the lead by 16-17 after 16 ends but our boys would not give it away. It was nose for nose up to the last end where we led by a single shot (20-19). Scores changed several times on the last end but when the judge called a halt, we held one shot, so a win for the good guys 21-19. Both Al and Magilla turned in excellent performances and Glenn was especially happy with his new bowling action – leading with his ‘off’ leg. (You’ll know what I mean when you see it)!

The other pairing saw Ando and Birksy take on Nunas and Newman (yes hello Newman)! Our boys were still focused on the drive to the coast in the early stages, dropping a 5 on the first end and then being down 0-9 after 4 ends. But the tide turned and after 9ends the score was just 10-11 to the MH boys. Our lads dropped 7 on the next 3 ends but then picked up a 5 and a 3 to make the score 18 all after 14 ends – it was a new game. The locals always seemed to find the right bowls when they needed it though and unfortunately our boys went down by 22-31.

The triples was also tight early with Chris, Greg and Joe holding a narrow lead through most of those early ends. After 14 ends we led by just one shot (14-13). After this we managed to sneak away to lead by 3 or 4 but each time the locals would come back at us. After 23 ends (only 5 to go) we led by 23-21 and the game was very much in the balance. Unfortunately it was the locals that came home like a train, winning the last 5 ends and picking up 13 shots in the process. So a valiant effort by the Hillies, but in the end a loss by 23-34.

The Fours was a tremendously interesting match with Sir Les, Keithy, Kirkinator and Wally on the side of the good guys against “Jimmy” McGrindle and co. Les Keith and Denis decided to see how good Wally really was early and left him down many shots consistently on the change over. At one point Denis was heard to say “this is better Wal, we’re only 2 down”! Mostly Wally was up to the challenge but we were still down by 3-10 after 7 ends. Keith had seen Dan try his thing with the rings on the outside and tried the same thing. He drew the shot – on Dan’s rink, 2 south of the one he was playing. But the game continued and our boys picked up a wonderful 5 on the 14th end to be down just 13-18, and back in the match. Through some constant chipping away, we actually got to within one shot (18-19) with a single end to play. At this stage Wally was playing from memory having felt very squeamish and light headed late in the match. I suspect it was in part due to all the work he had done early in the game. He bravely fought on. The last end was a classic and it took an excellent bowl from “Jimmy” to get the locals home 18-21.

So overall we went down by 4 rinks to 1 but we were more than competitive on every rink.
Tomorrow off to Piney and a win is a must!


Silver Round 4 vs Manly (Home)

Round 4 of Super Challenge saw another hot day and a move over to the “top” green when our Silver Super Challenge team took on Manly. Manly have two carpet greens, one of them undercover, so it was going to be interesting to see how they handled the conditions.

The Singles saw the Jet back in action and the engine spluttered all day, always looking better than the opposition but never quite getting away. On many occasions Jet was holding shot or multiple shots until Manly took it away. The Manager/Marker/Umpire was concerned all day but got extra worried when Jet dropped a few ends in a row to be down 21-24 but, with the post in sight, Jet kicked in the afterburners and took a number of ends and won the rink 31-26.

So 1-0 for the hillbillies and looking for 2 more rinks and we didn’t have to look far than over at the pairs where Haydos was conducting a bowls lesson with support from Tank. Not much to say here other than a very comfortable win where the boys only lost 5 ends and won 37-9. But how could this rink be last to finish??

Over in the other pairs game Bwian teamed with Macca and proved to be a deadly combination. The boys got off to an excellent start establishing a 6 shot lead after 5 ends before dropping the next 6 ends to fall behind 8-11. But what better way to get back into a game by winning the next 4 ends including a 7 to start the run. An 18-12 lead was going to be hard to run down but the Manly boys had a great go at it and closed to scores down to 19-15 before we got away again over the final ends recording a win 26-15.

The triples were missing regular lead Fillet so for the second week in a row we fielded our secret weapon Cunno who teamed with Marto and Roller. The boys were playing well but you wouldn’t know it from the scorecard as we were down 5-14 after 9 ends and we were wondering how we were going to get some shots, or more to the point, keep shots. But they found a way and went on a bit of a rampage losing only 4 of the final 16 ends. This was all due to fine team work – Cunno with the swoopers always in the area, Marto having another extremely consistent game in the middle and Roller doing his bit at the back end – never more so with the scorecard showing us leading 25-19, Manly were holding 4 or even 5 shots until Roller drew the absoluter with his last. We won’t talk about the next end where we dropped a 3 but the boys closed out the match in style and got home 30-23.

But the excitement team of the day had to be the Fours of Aka, Ned, Axe and Chappy. Things were looking a bit grim early on when we dropped the first few ends but once we got going it was almost impossible to hold us back, even though the Manly skip tried his best with some magnificent bowls. Aka was great up font and kept his bowls on the correct bias all day and Ned was very steady in the two spot. Axe returned this week and was in fine form and couldn’t believe his luck when Chappy asked him if he would mind coming up the middle and smash the head – never seen a bloke get on the mat so fast…..too bad he missed. But the talking point during and after the match was Chappy, and I do mean talking point as he got the vocal chords well and truly going and fired up his team (and the other rinks) in a wonderful way. And it worked for Chappy as well as he personally had a great game leading the boys to a 31-12 win.

So what looked to be a bit of a struggle early turned into a 5-0 victory. We have won our 3 home games in the first part of the season and only have an away game against Musgrave Hill next week to get to the halfway point. An away win next week will be tough but would also be great as it would set us up for the run home.

As Chappy would say (in his outdoor voice) “C’MON THE HILL”!