Grand Finals

Division 1 & 3

September 11, 2016


It was a HUGE day on the Hill with wins in booth Divisions 1 and 3. Celebrations continued well into the evening and spirits were high.

Just a brief summary of the results in the finals.
Bobby (a man’s not an island) Morton led his team of the Kirkinator, Jason, and Wally to a sensational win by 27 – 9 setting up the overall win for the Hillies.
Denis had a great game up front; Jason was terrific as he has been since joining the crew about 5 weeks ago, and Wally was just his most reliable self. Bobby did what he does and the boys recorded a brilliant win.
Birlksy led his boys of Ando, Keith and Magilla and he had an armchair ride. Mark and Keith were just brilliant in the lead spots and Magilla found some excellent form to ensure our opponents just didn’t get a look in.
These boys won by 26 – 11. Its been a great season for a team that has grown in confidence and stature as the season has progressed.  Ando and Keith have been outstanding all season, and Glenn found shots every time he was needed.
On the final rink, the battle was much tougher. Pottsy skipped for Bruce, Brettman and Matty and were well down early after dropping a 4 on the first end. We were still down by 10 – 17 after 15 ends but a great comeback saw our boys get up to draw this match 19 all.
All these guys thad great seasons also. Bruce was consistent up front all year; Brett had a great season and Matty showed what youth can bring.  Pottsy just found shots when needed.
Overall a win to the Hill by 72 – 39.
Some special mentions:
Both the Trevors (Crebbin and Waters) were great for the team during the season, and were unfortunate to miss spots in the final.  Its always unfortunate when great team members have to miss out but these guys are very much part of our winning team.
Mark Anderson not only played the house down all season (especially today in the final) but he dipped into his own pocket to buy the “GO THE HILL” sign that inspired us throughout the afternoon – and will get much more use in coming years.
Jason Bacanakas joined in late in the year despite a heavy workload and was just sensational as a player and a team mate. His contributions were invaluable.
A wonderful effort all around. Great to win, but more important to enjoy the friendship and fun at the club. Even more good times and wins ahead. GO THE HILL!