Pennants Round 2

Team Reports

July 13, 2016


After a disappointing start to the season the Div 5 boys were determined to make amends this week and did so in style.
On rink 1 it was a big welcome back to Mick Potts who was unavailable in round 1. Skipping his team of Dave Lee, Gary Cooper and Bob Green they went to an early lead of 6-0 after 5 ends. The lead increased to 18-2 after 13 ends. Dave was playing exceptionally well at lead and regularly placed his bowls on the jack, putting a lot of pressure on the opposition. The team went on to win 29-7. Whilst Dave bowled very well, this was a real team effort with all bowlers having a good day and contributing to the win.  This rink was the runaway winner of the “Roast Turkey Trophy” with a resounding 22 shot margin – very well done (like the Turkey!) guys!

Meanwhile on rink 2 Joe Thompson’s team of Mark McAleer, Mara Ruka and Greg Birks were having a real battle early with the scores locked 5-5 after 5 ends. EP/STAF’s lead Graham Peake was (living up to his name) and bowling very well thus putting a lot of pressure on the team. However, as the game developed Joe’s skill as a skip became apparent often turning a 2/3/4 down into a 1 or 2 up win. Joe’s play also had an unsettling effect on the opposition players. The Hillies led 16-5 after 12 ends before going on to win 22-14.

Over on rink 3 Col Kable’s team of Chris Hoskins, Bernie Schloss and Alan Daniel started very well to lead 11-1 after 6 ends and were on fire. After 10 ends they were leading 16-4 and in fine form. Unfortunately, the rot set in and they did not score again until the 18th end. At this stage they were behind 18-22 and a massive change in fortune had occurred. With one end remaining the Hillies were down 21-23 and the pressure on. Up stepped Chris and Bernie and delivered their bowls immaculately and right on the jack. A score of 3 gave the Red Hill boys a 24-23 win. A very exciting game where the result could have gone either way.

Overall a very satisfying result and we look forward to more victories on coming weeks.  Another home game again next week – this time Merthyr ….

DIV 3 – RED HILL 51 lost to EVERTON PARK 59

After a narrow but confidence building win in Round 1 the Div 3 team made its way to Everton Park to play another team that had a convincing Round 1 win. Unfortunately this was not to be Red Hill’s day and we went down by 51 – 59. The locals proved a little too good but each rink had their moments and their opportunities.

First finished today was the team of the two Trevors, Kirkinator and Wally. This was our bright spot of the day with the Hillies coming from behind to pick up 2 on the last end and win by a single shot 21 – 20. Our boys were very resilient and just hung in all day. At one stage they trailed (after 17 ends) by 13 – 19, so it was looking quite bleak. Two 3’s in a row on ends 18 and19, and a bit of luck from Denis the Menace fixed that! So 19 – 19 with two to play. Then we dropped a single but found a deuce on the last to get home by 1. Well done to Wally and Co.

Magilla and his team of Keith, Mark and Birksy dawdled out of the boxes and were down by 0 – 7 after 3 ends. To be fair, not much early luck had gone the way of the Hillies and there was always the thought that things would change. They did. We scored a 2 and a 5 in the ends 4 and 5 to square it up and a new game started. It was tight from here on. 11 all after 10 ends, 14 all after 14 ends, and then we were down by 17 – 18 with 2 to play. The EP lead, playing with a stick (like Magilla) was on fire all day. In the final ends he was right on the money and getting the scores to win proved difficult – impossible in fact! The Hillies dropped a 1 and then a 3 to go down by 17 – 22.

The final game was a very tight low scoring affair with Bobby Morton skipping Almighty, Brettman and Matty for the Hillies. Only 30 shots were scored from the 21 ends and we went down by 13 – 17. Our boys trailed most of the day but were always in touch. All our boys had their moments of brilliance but couldn’t put it all together for a score. After being down by 8 – 15 after 15 ends, we kept in their fighting and got back to 13 – 16 with one end to go. Difficult but not impossible! In a close head, the EP boys picked up a single shot to claim the win by 4 shots.

So a disappointing loss but our team was far from disgraced. Next week we play Ferny Grove on our own turf so bring it on!

DIV 1 – RED HILL 49 lost to NEW FARM 52

New Farm proved a handful in the corresponding match in 2015, and once again took the honours with another close and exciting finish. Red Hill was able to secure two rink wins, but the third rink margin got them over the line, in a thriller.

Rink 6, pitted Roller, Haydos, Axe and Aka against a very confident New Farm outfit in Nathan Chapman, Steve Cooper, the evergreen Garry Ryan, and impressive Div 1 debutant, Kurt Svvenson at lead. In a very even contest, the locals proved too resilient, despite the very best efforts of the visitors, emerging as 17-12 winners. For the Home side, all team members played their part again, and had to, as our opponents remained fiercely competitive throughout the day.

On rink 5, Macca’s Crew (Marto, PC and Tank) took on Brett Young, Dean Merlo, Geoff Jensen and Carl Fountain. The New Farm quartet played very well all day, and made things very difficult for us. Despite some good lead bowls from Tank, and a few potential comebacks, we were unable to close the gap substantially, and went down 14-25. Dean Merlo was best on rink, snuffing out several scoring opportunities for the Hillbillies.

On rink 4, Kitch took on New Farm’s favourite son, Brett Merkel & Co (Neil Peach, Tim Swanson and Patrick Campbell) A tense and tight struggle developed with Kitch showing the way with some super saves and conversions. A handy lead was whittled away by our New Farm opponents, but we were able to hold on for a three shot victory, 18-15. This rink was the last to finish by some time, and held enough shots to secure overall victory for the Hillbillies, over the final two ends, only to be denied by the last bowl of Schmerkel each time ……

Back down to earth after our ideal start against Ferny Grove “A” last week! We hit the road next week, in our first away game for the season against a dangerous Ferny Grove “B” ……. GO THE HILL!!!