Pennants Round 3

Team Reports

July 19, 2016


The weather bureau had predicted a cold wet day for Saturday and they got it exactly right. On arrival at our home ground it was evident that all players would be spending a few hours in the rain. Miserable conditions meant our enthusiasm for bowls was not at its usual level. With nine ends completed the decision was made to restrict this match to 16 ends per rink reducing the total to 48 ends.

On rink 1 Alan Daniel was skipping for the first time this year and the team got off to a good start. With “the boss” McAleer and Mara Ruka  (lead and second) producing excellent bowls the team led 6 – 1 after four ends. As the match progressed the opposition started to find their line and length and the lead was lost. Trailing 7 – 11 after ten ends the pressure was on. Knowing only 16 ends were to be bowled the team regrouped and “the boss” and Mara again took control. This certainly helped Brian Hoey (third) and skip Alan with multiple bowls in the head. The Hillies eventually won 18 – 13

On rink 2 Greenie’s team was in a real dogfight. After 7 ends the Hillies led 6 – 5 but gave away a 5 on the 8th end to trail 6 – 10. Unfortunately, the team started to struggle as the conditions worsened. Dave Lee was consistent at lead but some mistimed bowls at inopportune times had the team trailing 9 – 14 after 12 ends. The boys could not get their good early form back and finished up losing 11 – 22

On rink 3 the game was marred, as the opposition had only three players. This meant that their lead and third, bowled three bowls each. An adjustment to their overall score was to be made at the end of the game. This was a very close match early with the Hillies leading 5 – 4 after seven ends. In a low scoring game, the team of Chris Hoskins, Gary McConachie, Greg Birks and skip Col Kable were bowling well in patches but at times left it to Col to rectify a bad situation. The score was 7 – 6 in Red Hills favour after 11 ends. The boys dominated the last five ends scoring 7 to zero, eventually winning 14 – 6 (4.5 adjusted score).

Overall a good result for the team. We play Samford away next week and will need to be on top of our game to beat them on their home carpet surface.  Just treat it like a fast turfie!!!


A great day for the Red Hill Raiders with wins in all 3 Pennant Divisions. It gets no better than this and all are now well placed on their respective tables. It was a miserable cold and wet day on the greens at Red Hill but it would have been colder and wetter and more miserable for the FG team in Division 3.

The good guys were at home and managed to win 2 rinks from 3 against the defending champs.  The final score was 70 – 55 to the Red Hillies.

The not so good news was a loss on Wally’s rink which included the two Trevors, the Kirkinator and of course Wal at skip. To be fair, our boys were in the game most of the way and after 13 ends were down by just a shot at 9 – 10.

The greens continued to lose pace as the rain fell and this clearly did not suit Trevs 1 and 2.  Poor Denis was down many times when he came to the mat but we know he can find shots and he saved the day on quite a number of occasions. Alas, even Denis and Wally could not do enough and we ‘leaked’ a number of shots late to go down by 14 – 25

Div 3 were delighted to welcome the evergreen Terry Walsh into their fold for this guest appearance and Walshy did what Walshy does. He was ably supported by the Almighty as lead, Brettski as two and Yorkey playing 3rd.  These boys had to put up with a FG skip (Blokey) who played out of his skin and pulled off some remarkable shots.  Our boys went from leading 10 – 5 to being down 10 – 15 after 11 ends. It was nip and tuck after that with some excellent bowls played in the trying conditions. Brett in particular found some excellent form and was always in the head.  It was 21 all with only one end to play!  Our boys got the better of the last end to pick up a 3 to go on and win by 24 – 21

On our last rink there had been a few positional changes from last week with Mark Ando taking the lead spot, Keith moving to second, Magilla playing 3 and Birksy having his first attempt at skip. The moves worked a treat with Mark, Keith and Glenn always close to the jack and having the FG team under immense pressure.  Keith just kept rolling his pills to the jack in a devastating display.  If it wasn’t Ferny Grove I could have felt sorry for them!  After holding a slender lead at 5 – 4 early, our boys picked up 1,2,1,3,2,1,3 and 5 on the next 8 ends to lead 23 – 5. From here it was all about just maintaining focus and keeping an eye on the ‘big board’.  The team clicked really well and went on to win by 32 – 9 – well worth a turkey dinner!!

Despite the rain, it was great to be playing at home and we are there again next week to take on Stafford – the best is yet to come ….


The New Farm loss certainly proved to be a great motivational tool, as we overwhelmed a tricky opponent, on their green in trying conditions.  There was a minor tweak in the sides, which certainly paid off at the Grove!  It must be said that the FG track played very well for a wet one!

Roller, Macca, Axe and Aka all played a great team game, and wore down a side skipped very well by “Junior” Lindsay.  Aka made a “goosey” start, with a wrong bias on his first match bowl!  It was well rehearsed though, as he peeled off two in the pre-match practice!  What was impressive though was Aka’s fight back – ending up coming home very strongly, and helping us shake off the FG resistance.  Macca & Axe too were very consistent in the annoying conditions, and got on top of their opponents, setting up a great 26-10 victory

New skip Haydos and Crew (Marto, PC and Tank) took on the often brilliant Paul Jones and team.  Steve made an impressive debut, and had to as Jonesy was always thereabouts, causing some grief, early in particular!  PC was another stand out performer on this rink, with Marto and Tank also keeping their opponents well in check.  The final score ended at 22-13, with all players relieved to get into the clubhouse!

Meantime Kitch was again in firm control, with the Jet, Ned and Barry.  Ned had his best game, and Barry constantly set up the head in a great dual with his FG rival.  It is very easy to lose the plot on a day like Saturday, but it wasn’t going to happen on this rink!  In fact you could say we were twice as good as them, carding a 22-11 win, and capping off a whitewash for Red Hill ……

Back on the horse this week, and looking forward to our next encounter against Everton Park, back at home ……. GO THE HILL!!!