Pennants Round 5

Team Reports

August 4, 2016

Div 5 – Red Hill 64 def FernyGrove 62

This week travelled to Ferny Grove. Lovely sunny day, fast greens.

On rink 10 Gary Mcconochie, Chris Hoskins, Greg Birks and Col Kable.
Red Hill14 Ferny Grove 27
Hard day on the green. Did our best to keep up. Thanks to the skip for saving our bacon on more than one occasion. Just not our day on this green.  Hopefully next week on home green may produce better result. Comments G. Mcconochie

Rink 9 David Lee, Bob Green, Gary Cooper and Bob Morton.
Red Hill 24 Ferny Grove 18
12 ends shooting away before they fought back 19 to 13 after 16 ends. All a bit wayward at times. Fast greens which we have to adapt to. Greene on the kitty a couple of times as was Dave Lee. Bob Morton exceptional at skip. Comments G. Cooper

Rink 11  Bernie Schloss, Mara Ruka, Alan Daniels and Joe Thompson
Red Hill 26.  Ferny Grove 17
Good lead bowls by Bernie followed by solid game through rest of team. Shot away early
2 ends. Lost 7 shots to good drives by opposition skip. Held them last end to aid squad win. All round solid effort.  Comments A Daniels

Div 3 – Red Hill 54 defeated by New Farm 60

(at the Funny Farm)

With wins in Divs 1 and 5, Red Hill was looking for a ‘clean sweep’ for the weekend as the Div 3 team ventured to New Farm for Round 5. Alas, it was not to be but the Hillies fought hard to go down narrowly by 54 – 60. On the day we had a win (by 2), a draw, and a loss (by 8).

The ‘star’ Div 3 team of late has been that of Ando 1 (Mark), Ando 2 (Keith), Magilla Norton and Birksy at skip. Despite not being at their best on this day, they again found a way to win, getting home by 19 – 17 against Vince McDonald and his team. All the Hillies had flashes of brilliance but couldn’t put it together at the same time. Nevertheless, after being down by 12 – 15 after 16 ends, the boys managed to get it to 17 all with a single end to play. Glenn put a big black gorilla on top of the jack and that was enough to ensure a win for the good guys. It was close all the way but a 2 on the final end saw a Red Hill win by 19 – 17.

Div 3 welcomed Pottsy into the fold and he teamed up with Bruce Almighty (back from a successful trip up to Div 1), Brettman, and Yorkey to take on Witherspoon’s New Farm team which also included the well known Bob Myers. Our boys led 8 – 7 after 10 ends but dropped a very unlucky 5 on the 11th to be down by 8 – 12.  This was enough to spur Pottsy and co into action and they won the next 6 ends by 12 – 1 to lead 20 – 13 with just 4 ends to play.  Unfortunately the last 4 ends did not go our way and the home team got all the breaks to end up making the score a 22 all draw. We actually dropped a clumsy 4 on the last end after holding the lead by 22 – 18. It was a tight match with some great bowls played and Brettman in particular continuing his excellent form at second. A draw was a commendable result  22 – 22.

The toughest competition on the day was always going to come from the New Farm team to be skipped by Ray O’Brien, a former district skip who was just ‘filling in’ in Div 3. The challenge fell to Wally and his team which included the two Trevors and DeNis.  Despite our boys holding shots many times at the changeover, Ray consistently ‘saved the day’ for the home team.  Our boys fought hard and were in the match most of the day. We were only down by 10 – 13 after 13 ends.  It was all tight heads and low scores at the back end of the game but the Newfarmers held on to their lead throughout. We eventually went down in this one with a loss by 13 – 21.

An overall 54 – 60 loss but a very commendable effort against the strongest Div 3 team that New Farm could field. Div 3 now have a couple of home games against Ashgrove and then Everton Park – wins in both will be essential!

Div 1 – Red Hill 79 def. Windsor 44

A picture-perfect day at our “Home at the Hill”, with the green free-running at around 16 seconds. After an early challenge the Hillbillies got the moonshine, 79-44, winning on all three rinks ……

Marto was back from his fishing trip, so teams were restored.

Haydos put on another master-class on rink 5, plucking (Windsor’s) Dan “The Duck” Keogh, and ending up with “the Roast Turkey” yet again! Ably supported by the Tank, PC and Marto our lads were too good for their Wombat opponents, winning 13 of the 21 ends played. Final score saw Red Hill comfortable victors, 35-12

Kitch got a real workout from Brother Brown, on rink 6, who played like a Wonder Wombat! We had a real struggle matching Windsor up front, and to our credit found a way to claim a rink victory 22-20. Whilst Bazza and Ned were searching for it most of the day, Jet and Kitch did just enough to see us home. Won 13 of the 21 ends, but dropping several multiples made life difficult for the Hillbillies. Winning ugly is still winning!

Roller’s rink 4 crew (Aka, Axe ‘n Macca) took on Raymond Bax, who literally “drew the arse off it” early on, denying us several scoring opportunities along the way. It was nip and tuck through the first 10 ends, with the scores locked at 6 a piece ….. Soon after, we picked up two good multiples, after applying good pressure, putting a rink winning gap in the scoreline which we were able to maintain, eventually triumphing 22-12

That completes the first round of fixtures, with the Hillbillies topping the table on percentage from Ferny Grove “A”, whom we clash with at their joint next week …… a season defining game that!