Pennants Round 6

Team Reports

August 11, 2016

Div 5 – Red Hill 43 lost to Enoggera 86

It was a daunting task for the mighty Red Hill 5th Division boys this week where we took on ladder leaders Enoggera. Enoggera has only 2 pennant teams so this team is all of their players who played 2nd division last year and were “displaced” when Enoggera attracted a large group of new players. But we did have the advantage of being the home team – and of having Cunno as our beer wench.

The Joe rink of Mara, Trev and the Boss started well by winning the first end but then dropped a 4. But we fought back well and picked up a morale boosting 6 on the 5th end and it was looking promising as we led 17-8 at the halfway mark. Unfortunately that was the end of it and despite our best efforts we never won another end and eventually went down 17-31.

The Keogh, Coops, Greeny and Lee rink were behind all day but fought on well. At the half way mark of this game we were hanging in there at only down 9-12 so half a chance and at 11-14 two ends later we were still in it but then we dropped an ugly 6 and a 4 and that was pretty much it for the day with the end result being 16-27 loss. But pleased to report that this is a happy team with every member very happy dob Dan in for a wrong bias – they just wanted to see him in the red bonnet.

Our hopes of course lay down the far end of the park with Col and his band of merry men Bernie, Chris and Alan. Again, this was looking promising and we were in the game early but dropped a few in a row to go to the halfway mark at 8-13 a still a show. But again the Enoggera boys got away with it and we could only manage to win 1 more end and we went down 10-28.

So the overall score got a bit ugly and ended up 43-86. Not too sure that this is an accurate reflection of the game because they certainly aren’t twice as good as us. Our boys did very well against a team of obviously better bowlers – certainly better than 5th Division. The story of pretty much every rink was that when we got bowls in the head they managed to roll us out or at least cut us down but we couldn’t do the same against them. But we will be back next week looking for a much better result.

Div 3 – Red Hill 59 def. Ashgrove 54

It was with great optimism that the Div 3 team approached the return match against Ashgrove on our home turf at the Hill. Ashgrove are yet to record a win but, yet again, they proved difficult to overcome. Red Hill managed to win all 3 rinks for the first time this season but could only sneak home by 5 shots overall – Red Hill 59 defeated Ashgrove 54.

Supersub, Terry Walsh joined the team of Almightty, Brettski and Matty Giblets (Junior) and they jumped the start picking up a massive 8 on their fifth end. At that stage we led by 12 – 3 but from then on it was a tough going. The Ashgrove skip on this, and the other rinks, had the habit of running into the head and they found some remarkable results. Nonetheless, the home team stuck to their guns with some excellent bowls from Matty in particular. He was, after all, fresh off his win early in the week in the Club Fours Championship! The good guys got home by 21 – 18.

Birksy had a minor change to his team which comprised, Ando, the Kirkinator, and Magilla. It was lucky that Glenn was on the ball early as he kept the home team in the match with some great bowls. The Hill led 6 – 2 early but after 14 ends, found themselves down by 9 – 12. It was time to dig in and it was tight all the way to the finish.
The home team eventually got up by 17 – 16.

To complete the clean sweep, Bob Morton slipped comfortably back into Div 3 and skipped Trev Waters, Keith and Wally. This game was also tight throughout and there was not more than 3 shots between the teams until the 20th end when the home team picked up a very valuable 4. This took us from 17 all to a lead of 21 – 17 with just a single end to play. The Ashgrovians picked up a 3 on the last end but the Hill held on to win by 1 at 21 – 20.

A tough day at the office despite 3 wins!! Next week is huge for Div 3 as we take on the competition leaders, Everton Park, on our home patch. Go the Hill.

Div 1 – Red Hill 64 def. Ferny Grove A 50

The second half of the season is underway, and despite beating Ferny Grove A back at the Hill in week 1, we knew we’d be up for a tough day.

On Rink 5, Roller and his merry crew faced up against Russell Van Homrigh and Ed Boxall. Aka and Macca were brilliant, and setup a strong early lead. As always Ferny fought back, but never looked like taking the rink, and it ended up 20-16 to the Hillbillies.

Next door on 6, Kitch, Benny, Ned & Barry again matched up against Steve Petsky who they had dispatched by double digits in their last hitout. The game didn’t get off to the greatest of starts, dropping 5 shots on the opening end. As the game progressed, it was looking more like Ferny Grove might be keen to dish out some revenge as they stretched the lead to 18-10. But in what seems to be a growing trend, these four champions came up big when it counted and finished the match with a 14-2 run. Final score 24-20 to Red Hill.

Tucked away on the ditch rink, defending Turkey holders, Haydos, Marto, PC and Tank had a see-sawing battle against Don Brumwell and John Jones. Despite no absolute standouts, there was always someone ready to put their hand up. Marto came up big in the final third of the match, and Haydos continued his freakish ways. In the end we ended up with a solid 6 shot win, and amazingly a third straight Turkey win.

All-in-all a great win away from home, against last years defending champs. We’ve got a big game this week against New Farm, a win could see us all but secure a grand final berth.

Go the Hill!!!