Pennants Round 8

Match Reports

August 23, 2016

Div 3 – Red Hill 48 lost to Ferny Grove 54

It was Meatloaf at his best this weekend at the Hill, as we recorded a “Two out of Three Aint Bad” pennant result. Both Divs 1 and 5 came away with valuable victories but the feat could not be repeated in Div 3 who went down at Ferny Grove by 48 – 54. The Grove are always hard to beat at home, but the close score helped to maintain a solid percentage for the Hillies and still a chance to make, or even host, the Div 3 final. Wins against Stafford (at EP) and then Newfarm at home will be essential.

In the first game today, Birksy’s team of Mark Ando, Keith Ando, and Magilla came up against the well known skip at the Grove, “Blokey”. Scores were tight most of the day and it was 8 all after 13 ends. The Hillies then broke the shackles with a 4, only to drop a 2 and a 4 on the next 2 ends.
Another 2 for the good guys saw the scores level at 14 all with 4 ends to play. Some great leading by Ando and a welcome return from Keith saw the Hillies get home in this game, a win by 20 – 15.

In the second match, Trevor, Jason, Wally and Bobby M took on Harry Clifford’s team. The home team got the jump on our boys here and led by 0 – 7 after just 3 ends. However, our boys steadied and Jason again peeled off some excellent bowls at 2. After 13 ends we were down by just a single shot, 10 – 11.
It was nip and tuck to the end, with the Hillies hitting the front for the first time after the 18th end (14 – 13). It was too close to call in the end and this match finished at a 16 all draw.

Pottsy and his crew of Brettman, Cheeky and the Kirkinator drew the short straw today, and struck a very in form Ferny team skipped by Alan McMillan. After picking up a 2 on the first end, our boys could not win the mat back and dropped the next 8 ends to be down 2 – 17 after 9 ends.
However, our boys stuck to their guns and actually won the mach from there by 10 – 6 but the damage had been done. Final score was a win to Ferny by 12 – 23.

So, overall we went down by 48 – 54; far from a disgrace. Other matches are important but our aim must now be to win the last two rounds, to almost assure a spot in the final.

Div 1 – Red Hill 71 def Ferny Grove B 41

Div 1 faced an important “bounce-back” game this week – home for the last time against a dangerous and in-form ferny Grove “B”. And bounce-back we did with a resounding 71-41, 3 rink win!

On rink 4 Kitch (The jet, Ned and the Almighty) had a real tussle with the Junior Lindsay led Ferny rink, and emerged after 21 ends with a nail-biting 18-17 win. They had to come up with a ripping 4 on the previous end to give themselves a chance ……. and remained unconquered as a rink this season! Well done again Boys!

On rink 5 Roller’s crew did the club proud, with a genuine display of first division bowling! Paul Jones kept a lid on our scoring with some great draws to save, for the first 5 ends, cutting us down to ones when we held good numbers. However the unrelenting pressure told, and we got away soon after. Aka was (again) great upfront, with Bwian adding to Ferny’s pain playing a great two’s role. The Axe stepped up to three this week, and capped off a great performance “upfront” with some telling bowls throughout. A very solid 29-8 win, and our first taste of Turkey!

On rink 6, the Haydos led rink (with Marto, PC and Tank) was back to its familiar look, with all players getting the better of their opponents. Things were up and down for long period of the match, with Ferny refusing to go away, but again weight of numbers prevailed and we ended up comfortable 24-16 victors!

Other results this round have us in a very strong position to host the Div 1 final, but two games remain – so let’s look after those first!