Pennants Round 9

Match Reports

September 7, 2016

Div 3 – Red Hill 62 def. Stafford 59

A HUGE day for the Red Hillians with wins in all 3 divisions keeping hopes alive for appearances in all grand finals.
Div 1 assured themselves of a home final and Div 3 are also close to achieving that goal after a 62 – 59 victory over Stafford – but it was very close!

Our ‘star’ rink today was that of Bruce Almighty, Brettman, Matty and Pottsy. After being down 3 – 5 after 6 ends, our boys scored 9 shots on the next 4 ends to shoot to a 12 – 5 lead.
Brett and Matty were particularly consistent in a high quality game. Roger Jellicoe, skipping for Stafford on this rink, found some terrific saving shots to stay within touch. However, our boys hung tough and eventually got home by 24 – 17.

The rink of Ando, Keith, Magilla and Birksy had their moments today. Scores were close all afternoon on this rink. After ends, the Hillies were down by 10 – 12 but managed to win 2’s on the next couple of ends to lead 14 – 12 after 14 ends.
Shots were hard to hold though and after 19 ends scores were again level at 18. Then disaster for the good guys who dropped a very clumsy 5 on the penultimate end to be down 18 – 23 with a single end to play.
The last end was also messy and the Stafford clan held (another) 5 shots with Birksy’s last bowl to play. Luckily he managed to sit one of the close opposition bowls to not only save shots, but claim the absolute shot. This one left the final score at 19 – 23.

All eyes turned to the final rink who were just beginning their final end. Red Hill were represented here by the Kirkinator, Jason B, Wally and Bobby M. On the ‘big board’ after 2 completed matches, Red Hill led by 3 but the score in this game (with one end to play) had Stafford up by 18 – 19.
The last end was very tight and on the changeover Stafford held one shot. Enter Bobby Morton who managed to play through one of our shorter bowls and knock it up for shot. Mr McNeil from Stafford could not change the situation with his last bowl – 1 for the Hillies.
Thus a 19 – 19 draw and this was enough to see the Hillies home overall by 62 – 59.

With Everton Park coming from behind to defeat Ferny Grove (71 – 58), it seems that the Red Hill Div 3 team could shoot to the top of the table! A win at home against New Farm in the final round next week could see Divs 1 and 3 host home finals. How good would that be!!

Go the Hill!!

Div 1 – Red Hill 61 def. Everton Park 60

Our day started poorly with Kitch unavailable at short notice ….. shit happens, and in came Bobby Green from “off the bench”! The green was a real tester, and it would prove a real mental challenge for our group to overcome …….

We were in good hands however, with the Jet taking over, Ned at three, Greenie at two, and “welcome back Barry” at lead. In what was a game we led throughout, and probably should have won, the jet got us through with a draw, that sealed the win for the Hillbillies ….. great effort boys!
22 – 21 ends ……

Our current form rink of Haydos, Marto, PC and Tank were also tested by the locals who came from behind and established what appeared to be a winning lead for the Park “Benches” …….
However our lads dug deep, and helped save the day by getting back to 19-25, to give us some hope!

In yet another dour encounter, Roller, Axe, Bwian and Aka, gave up a handy early lead, to be equalled at 13-13, with three ends to play, and Red Hill behind on the master board. Everyone chipped in on end 19, and we grabbed a vital 5, before closing out the match with two 1s on the final two ends – a hard fought, and mentally draining 20-13 win!

Red Hill 61 d Everton Park 60, and a win is a win. This win ensured us a home final, so well done boys in adverse conditions!!! It is a surprise to us all that they have only had the one home victory this season …….