Premier 7’s 2017 – Round 5

Special Report

February 15, 2017

Premier Sevens Round 5 vs Beaudesert (Away)

Beaudesert Bowls With Premier 7s

With the games due to commence at 0930 and a scorcher forecast we were anxious to get
away early. Ready set go oops, still waiting for one. Ah ha the arrival; half way dressed after
a heavy night and gunna collect the bowls that were left just inside the door of the club the
night before in readiness. Oooops, the club was locked up. Borrowing some bowls would
have to be the go.

With GPS activated we drove off in two cars. Interestingly with all the hot weather that we
have had the countryside looked green. All went well up to the point of entering Beaudesert
to be met with a posse of random breath testing police stopping all vehicles. To the question
as to whether I had had a beery breakfast I was happy to say no and as a favour to the
policeman I generously gave him some of my precious breath for free.

Having left the RBT corral behind, reliance was on the GPS to navigate through Beaudesert’s
streets to the bowls club. So after so many turn rights and lefts from the bloke in the GPS we
started along a road that changed to a dirt road, that turned into a dirt track, that turned into a
barbed wire barrier across our path. With no room to wriggle we had to reverse about 200
metres to a gate opening so that we could turn around. At the club we were informed that
that road had been closed for about two years; it’s a pity there were no road closed signs etc.
I suppose the locals don’t need the signs. Anyway we reached the club.

With paperwork completed we then stood in wait for the occupants of the second car. Why
have they taken so long? Did the RBT snaffle them? Had they picked up a hatchet bearing
hitch hiker? Noooooooo. It appears that the Beenleigh bowls club were surprised with a
visiting team from Red Hill to play that Beenleigh knew nothing about. Uh oh and ooops and
the car was repointed towards Beaudesert, arriving in a suitable time before the games

Beaudesert won the toss and we were to play on the green that had come back into play two
weeks before. Well, Red Hill’s greens were slow at that comeback time but not so
Beaudesert. The greens were fairly quick.

Sorry, this was meant to be about bowls wasn’t it! Bernie was our singles rep playing against
Jenny Bostock. Bernie came out of the barrier with a charge giving him the first two ends.
Bernie was on his game but Jenny got her feet into the stirrups and gradually turned the game
around. Bernie was close and Jenny was that fraction closer. The majority of the ends were
ones and twos; and ones and twos add up. Jenny won the game 31 to 22. Thanks Bernie for
your terrific effort.

In the pairs Vince and Alan played Brian Marshall and Kent Taylor. This game appeared to
be evenly matched for most of the game except for one end where we went down by six
shots. The day was heating up and the umpire had a set of thermometers strategically placed
so as to terminate play at the 38° mark. Being well looked after, nice cool watermelon and
water kept us comfortable. The umpire checked the thermometers and it was 37°. The next

check showed 39° so the curtain came down on our game at the 18th end. Beaudesert won 21
to 17. Thanks Alan for a great game.

At the time of the ceasing play the four of Wayne Henshaw, Merv Turner, Rod McConochie
and Bobby Green against Faye Hines, Annette Musch, Doug Ward and Gaye Blank had
played 20 ends. No matter how hard we tried Beaudesert caused claustrophobia to our bowls.
They nearly always had a bowl to nudge us out. By the time the game stopped Beaudesert
was up 25 to 10. Our blokes put up a great effort and thank you.

Also many thanks to the marker and umpire who braved the weather conditions.
Beaudesert put on very nice refreshments in a well rehearsed manner and we are very
appreciative of that. They also are keen to meet us again at Red Hill and we look forward to

So home we headed with the other car’s leaving first. On arrival home we were the first so
where were the others? When they arrived there was some mumble about Ipswich!!! Hehehe
All in fun and no offence intended.