Premier 7’s 2017 – Round 10

March 26, 2017

Premier 7’s Round 10 vs Beaudesert (Home)

Beaudesert at The Hill With Premier 7s

Just what is it with The Hill and Beaudesert and the drive between. When we went there someone drove to Beenleigh; this time at home the ladies were missing at Ashgrove! They managed to correct their geography and arrived just, but only just, before the scheduled start
of play. No one was worried as we are accommodating to our guests as far as games go. In spite of games cancelling weather forecasts nothing eventuated to interrupt the games. Not even the ladies who arrived with two ponies looking for a park in which to ride. The ponies
didn’t have flat soled shoes and had to direct them elsewhere.

Flash Birks was against Jenny Bostock. While Jenny took some momentum at the start Flash made sparks from the sixth end and took control of the game from then on. Jenny was not able to match accuracy of Flash to the Jack and over the 36 ends played won 16 ends to
Flash’s 20. Congratulations to Flash with your win of 31 to 23. Thanks again to Bev Sillet for your marking.

Here Danny Keogh and Chris Hoskins played against Kent Taylor and Brian Marshall. This game started with tit for tat low scoring. Most of the game was like this except for three ends where The Hill went down by an aggregate of 17 shots. Beaudesert stuck to their game plan and refused The Hill any chance of scoring large on any end even if it meant losing ends by small margins. This strategy resulted in Beaudesert’s winning 26 to 16 in spite of The Hill’s winning 12 of the 21 ends. Thanks to Danny and Chris for your efforts.

Here Scribe Vince, Batman Dent, GreenDog Green and Dapper Lee played Mario Cahill, Faye Hines, Doug Ward and Gaye Blank of Beaudesert. However a bit of housekeeping is needed. Dapper Dave went to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages to change his
name to “The Dare”. (Deed Polls went out in 1986). And we kept a close eye on GreenDog who earlier in the week had suffered a minor stroke. Many thanks GreenDog for fronting up for The Hill so soon afterwards. The game was even up to the eighth end when The Hill led 8 to 7. After that, Beaudesert slowly increased their pressure and were taking ends by small margins. The Hill was not out of reach until we dropped a four and a five. The pressure was evident with The Hill’s winning only 7 of the 21 ends. Beaudesert ran out winners 26 to 15

It was great to have the support of The Hill’s spectators who came to watch the games.

Bev Sillet was wonderful and much appreciated as umpire.

The Premier 7s season finished with this game and we thank the many members who played for The Hill over the season!