Premier 7’s 2017 – Round 6

March 26, 2017

Premier 7’s Round 6 vs Jindalee (Home)

Jindalee at The Hill With Premier 7s

The Hill was abuzz with activity as we welcomed both Manly for the Super Challenge bronze
and Jindalee for the Premier Sevens Division 5. In spite of the weather forecast for showers
in the afternoon, the sky remained clear with some wind. Actually the forecast was the same
for Sunday but the clear skies prevailed again.

Our Merv Turner was up against Len Toohey from Jindalee in Merv’s first foray into the
singles. Merv played hard against a tough competitor who took the first end by a four and
didn’t let Merv claw back the deficit. Merv took the second end by one and that end
produced the smallest margin of the game. Merv went down 17 to 31 at the close of the
game. Thank you Merv for your great efforts and it was very refreshing to see you cheerful
after your tough game. You are good to be around.

Ian dent and Vince Knauth paired up again against Heather and Russel Swan. Talk about
blasts from the past! Not only had Ian had crossed paths years ago in Melbourne where their
daughters participated in gymnastics but also Russell worked for very good friends of Lyn
Dent’s parents. Russel related how the staff lined up and greeted the owners just as in “Are
You Being Served” and this is Australia; must be a Melbourne thing.
While dropping a three on the first end our pair came back into the game and was leading 4-3
at the fourth end. Things progressed ok until the thirteenth end with our pair also on thirteen.
Double devil’s numbers played wickedly against The Hill with our remaining on thirteen for
seven ends. We won the last two ends but it was a touch late with our going down 19 to 21.
Thank you fellas for your efforts.

“Algebra” Joe’s foursome of “Buddha” Henshaw, Rod McConochie, Bob Green and Joe
played Dan Baldwin, Rod More, Wayne Lobley and George Attard from Jindalee. Big scores
were very few with ones and twos the order of the day each way. The Jindalee blokes
managed to keep The Hill boys at a distance and protected their shot bowls in a well
rehearsed operation. After all I believe Jindalee won their district title last year. We went
down 15 to 24 and remained happy with our efforts against a superior team. Thank you

Talking about Al-Jabr (=Algebra) did you know that the Babylonians had a sexagesimal
number system. While we have a base of 10 (decimal) theirs was 60. And this is the origin
of having 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour and 360° in a circle. Neat hey! If
you want to know more just ask Algebra Joe.