Premier 7’s 2017 – Round 7

March 26, 2017

Premier 7’s Round 7 vs Chermside Ladies (Home)

Chermside Ladies at The Hill With Premier 7s

It was hot and sticky as the ladies of Chermside arrived for the match. The Hill’s side had
some changes during the week and all were keen to get bowling.

For The Hill we had Flash (aka Greg) Birks against Kaye Peart of Chermside. This was a
long drawn out thirty-five ender with mostly low scoring and the lead’s swaying between
Flash and Kaye. Flash started well, winning the first three ends but by the ninth Kaye has in
front and it wasn’t until the nineteenth end that Flash equalled the scores. Then it was see-
saw to the thirtieth end where Flash started maintaining the lead. The game closed out at 31
to 26 and even though at 35 ends, finished well before the other rinks.

For The Hill we had Buddha Wayne Henshaw, The Con Rod McConochie, Green Dog Bob
Green and Dapper Dave Lee against Joy Forster, Lenore Milne, Paula Crough and Pat
Hobson. At our last meeting Chermside ran over us and this time we planned for things to
change. Change occurred with The Hill’s being an impressive 6-4 at the 5th end.
Unfortunately the ladies came back and held the lead until the 17th end The Hill grasped the
lead until the Chermside ladies enlivened themselves just after the singles finished. Oh my
God!! Flash was out on the road at the northern end in his underdaks!! No wonder the ladies
brightened up. Now Flash, we know it was Mardi Gras in Sydney and you were probably a
tad late to get there but our driveway is not Oxford Street, and BLACK!!! So non scene!!
Were the glittering gold and silver lame jocks left at home?
So while we led 21 – 20 on the 19th end, the invigorated ladies took the final two ends by 3
each and ran out the winners at 26 to 21.

Ian Batman Dent and Vince Scribe Knauth were up against Chermside Ladies Deb Affleck
and Valerie Fischer. This was a low scoring game with The Hill’s maintaining the lead by a
reasonable margin until the ladies got pepped up with the Flash. Things were getting close
and the final end started with The Hill’s leading by only two points. With some masterly
removal of our bowls, the ladies were four up and only one bowl from our skip batman to
come. I checked the revolver in my pocket to make sure that there were two bullets, one for
Batman and one for me. Batman approached the mat, The Hill supporters were anxious and
willed every gram of our spirit on the delivery. Was it too wide? Was it too short, Would the
wind be a hindrance or help and with “the hand of God” it blew just the amount needed to
draw the bowl into the head and cut the shots of Chermside to ONE!!!! The Hill’s side won
the match on that final bowl. Fabulously done to the roaring cheers of the watching crowd.

Thank you Bev for your marking and umpiring and thank you Charmside Ladies for great
friendly tough games. It was most enjoyable to be with you after the games and share stories
and life.

PS for Flash: Was that the makers tab on your blackies or was it your phone number?