Premier 7’s 2017 – Round 8

March 26, 2017

Premier 7’s Round 8 vs Paradise Point (Away)

Paradise Point With Premier 7s ……..

The Hill was starting to get busy around 1030 when we gathered to start our drive to Paradise
Point. Arthurs Green was dispensing breakfasts, brunches and coffees with smiles our board
was deep in deliberation or was it libations? Our Batman was without his batmobile so it was
a Bruce Wayne affair for driving in Japanese smallmobile style. Previous experience in
heading Gold Coast ways on a Saturday morning was not good and relief was felt when the
traffic flowed reasonably, albeit sometimes slowly.
And all those roundabouts on Hope Island Drive! It was a wonder that our team didn’t get
travel sickness!

Paradise Point is a large club with two outdoor greens and one indoor green. There were
heaps of other clubs’ teams there playing in various competitions; enough to use up most of
the rinks. Play got under way when the bethonged marker arrived in his Saturday best
gardening clothes.

Flash Birks was quick off the mark against Jim Zammit, winning the first three ends. Really
Flash was on a mission to keep Jim well out of reach of any chance of winning. Thankfully,
Flash also kept tab of the scores because there came a time when the marker forgot about
entering scores on the marker’s card. This was corrected and Flash flashed through the game
to win handsomely, 31 to 19, and have an early sit and cold drink.

Batman Dent and Scribe Vince were up against husband and wife team of Dave and Chris
Mantell. No matter how hard we tried the Mantells managed to pip or remove our hopefully
scoring bowls. We all knew what was meant when Chris asked Hun Dave to take off some
weight or did we? The excitement came where a bowl from an adjoining rink knocked one of
our bowls even after yells of watch the head. Hun Dave and Dear Chris closed off at 27 to 8.

Raffles McConochie, Dapper Dave Lee, Green Dog Green and Allan Daddles Daniel
matched up to Lydia Paul, Russell Wilson, Ben Dobbins and Esther Lee of Paradise Point.
Unfortunately for Paradise Point their ladies had difficulty with long ends and by
concentrating on long ends The Hill was able to hold a consistent and ever increasing lead.
Paradise Point when they won an end it was by ones only except for where they scored a two,
once. The Hill ran out clear winners at 26 to 10.

So, The Hill side took out the match 2 to 1. This is the second great result in as many weeks.
Congratulations are in order.

The trip back was via the head swaying roundabouts and a tentative, nearly mistaken,
entrance to the motorway. Please don’t ask Daddles too much about that drive. While we
thought he was quietly taking in the conversation and scenery he was asleep big time.