Super Challenge 2017 – Round 2

Match Results

February 15, 2017

Silver Round 2 vs Cleveland (Away)

Super Challenge recommenced after a short break for the Australia Day weekend and saw a trip to the bayside to take on Cleveland in Silver. The green was a lot quicker than we have been used to recently and the wind was tricky and last season this was a very tight affair, so we expected it to be close again. We weren’t wrong!

Roller reported in sick and wanted the game with the least talking so opted for the Singles. It was a good choice as he got off to a good lead early and had the game in his keeping. There was a little fightback from Cleveland mid game when the score went from 21-7 to 21-13 when Roller thought that he could hit with every drive (but sanity prevailed) and Roller got back on the draw and ran away with the game 31-14.

We can’t really say a lot about our triples team this week of Aka, Chappy and Marto other than they came up against some very hot opposition. Whatever we did the Cleveland boys had the answers and they all combined so well that we were just never in this one and went down 21-40.

Our Fours team of Birksy, Ned, Axe and Jet had a great tussle and the Manager was starting to think of this one as a rink win when disaster struck and we dropped a 4 (no great problem, unless followed by a 7 on the very next end!!!!) and then a single to turn a 9-6 lead into a 9-18 scoreline at the hallway point, and now chasing. We had numerous opportunities in the second half to cash in with some big numbers but just couldn’t manage to hold on to the shots, (whilst leaking a few as well) to eventually go down 20-25.

The pairs were contrasting games. The Tank/Haydos combination was in a tight tussle early but broke away with a run of shots including a 5 to take a 12-7 halfway lead. They managed to hold on in a number of close ends with some magnificent bowls from Haydos (and one wild one!) to pretty much always have this one under control and recorded a 20-13 win.

So all eyes turned to the Kitch/Bwian rink. This game had started so well for us picking up 7 shots in the first 2 ends but it soon turned into a fight with Cleveland winning the next 4 ends to tie it up. From this point on there was never more than a couple of shots in it but importantly, we were always the ones chasing. Like some of the other games we had set up some great heads only for Cleveland to not only wreck it but also get shot. It got down to a final end shootout with the scores locked at 19 all after 20 ends. The final end was a classic with all 16 bowls finishing within 3 to 4 foot of the jack but disappointingly, the important closest one was a Cleveland bowl and we went down 19-20.

So we ended up with a 2-3 loss and something to think about on the long drive home. We will be looking to bounce back hard next week at the Hill when we take on baysiders Manly.

In a tight competition, all home games are “must wins” …..

Bronze Round 2 vs Wynnum (Away)

Our Bronze Super Challenge had a rare Sunday game and a trip to Wynnum to boot. This is a club where very few of our players would ever have been and the pace of the green was a bit of a shock to some, especially considering what they have been used to at the Hill. Combine that with a very hot day and a breeze across the green and it was looking to be a very interesting day.

In the Singles Glen “Magilla” Norton got off to a shocking start and before we knew it he was down 0-11 after dropping consecutive big numbers. But Magilla came back hard and put a series of ends together to eventually draw even and then take the lead. All was looking rosy at 24-15 until the heat took its toll and Magilla had to have a break and the Wynnum player came right back into the game closing the game right up picking up a 4 to bring the score to 26-25 to the Hill. But Magilla dug deep and picked up the required shots to take a well-deserved victory 31-25. Red Hill 1-0

Down at the far end of the paddock Wally’s team of Les, Keith and Denis also struck trouble early and were down 0-7 after 3 ends. But some deadly bowls over the next few ends saw us jump to a lead which we never game up. Wynnum came close a few times and picked up a 4 to close the score down to 14-13 but the boys got the concentration going again and won the next 7 ends straight to eventually record victory 26-17. Red Hill 2-0

The triples team of Chris Hoskins, Greg “the other” Birks and stand in skip Brett “Jamie” Dury also had a tough start being down early but some miracle bowls from Jamie saw us not only stay in the game but lead it early. Jamie turned any number of heads from multiple counts against to single counts and often even in our favour much to the frustration of the Wynnum skip. Greg Birks tried to help out also when measuring by trying to claim the same bowl twice but Wynnum were onto that one. And just when we had totally written them off they came back again and closed to within 5 shots with 2 ends to play, but leaked a few chasing shots to eventually go down 25-37. Stirling effort that! Red Hill 2-1

So we needed one pairs win to get home on the day. The team of Yorkey and Mark “showboat” Anderson also started badly. Some say it was the speed of the green but we think Ando got a bit excited in such close proximity to the water and started dreaming of river cruises down the Danube. The boys struggled all day but fought back until a rather unfortunate drop of 5 shots pretty much closed the match out and try as we might we could get back into I and we ended up well beaten at 13-31. Red Hill 2-2

So our hopes were resting with the Barry “Fillet” Sillet and Jason “how do you pronounce his name” Bacanskas in the other pairs game. We got off to a slightly better start in this one and stayed even over the first few ends before a run of 6 winning ends saw us lead 11-6 at the halfway mark. The boys played good steady bowls and never really looked in danger despite Wynnum closing to within 2 shots with 4 ends to play. The boys held their nerve over those ends and won them all to record an impressive victory 22-11. Red Hill 3-2

So much joy after an important 3-2 away win and we now approach our next game against Musgrave Hill with some real confidence.