Super Challenge 2017 – Round 3

Match Results

February 15, 2017

Bronze Round 3 vs Paradise Point (Home)

It was hot and it was tough as the Bronze boys took on a red hot Paradise Point team at home on 11th February. Although the locals fought hard they were simply outplayed on the day by a superior team and could not pick up a rink despite some close matches.

In the Singles match on rink 8, the ever reliable Magilla, Glenn Norton got off to a good start and led narrowly for the first part of the match. His opponent (R.Edwards) then played shorter ends and got the upper hand, getting to a 13-16 lead. Unfortunately Glenn got ‘stuck’ on the devil’s number and within a few more ends, was trailing by15-27. Eventually Glenn went down by 16-31.

Ando and Birksy played on rink 9 against ‘Daz and Hammo’. This one was tight all the way. At the half time ‘break’ scores were locked with 12 a piece, but the home team never quite got their noses in front. In the end it was just a one point loss 19-20. There was some high quality bowls played with Ando starring for the local team.

In the triples on rink 10, Red Hill was represented by Greg Birks, Col Kable and Danny Keough. Again scores were tight early and even at 7 all after 8 ends. Then the visitor’s second (Patty McGlennan) kicked into gear and played some outstanding bowls. The locals could not keep with them and the visitors soon led by 10, and were too strong late in the game as we chased shots, going on to win by 21-41.

On rink 11 we had Jason and PC. Again we jumped the boxes to lead by 5-0. However the visitors again were quick to find their form. The scores remained close and Jason was playing some great lead bowls. After 14 ends we were down by just one 13-14 but dropped a 4 at this critical time. The Pointers then held on to this lead and ran out winners by 18-26.

Carnival Chris, Keithy, Kirkinator and Wally were our 4 for this week on rink 12. They struck a very strong and in form PP team. In this one we struggled early and found ourselves 2-15 down after just 6 ends and already facing an uphill battle. Whatever we tried seemed not to work and it was just one of those days. Chris led well but the PP boys were just too strong overall and ran out winners by 14-26.

So it was a disappointing day but they will happen from time to time. Next weekend we have an ‘away’ double header with Musgrave Hill on the Saturday and Pine Rivers on the Sunday. Wins in both these would place us right back in the race. Despite some critical absentees we will be giving it our best shot!

Silver Round 3 vs Algester (Home)

Round 3 of Super Challenge saw the Silver team at home against Algester on what was forecast to be an extremely hot day. We were keen to bounce back after the disappointment of a narrow loss whilst Algester were keen to record their first win after coming close in the opening 2 rounds. That Algester hadn’t won a game yet was surprising given the historical strength of the club.

Despite Roller having had a win in the singles last week, we had the Jet back on this rink. Unfortunately Jet stalled on take-off and never got off the ground until the 4th end but came back well to even the score up. But once again Algester jumped away and established a handy lead only for Jet to close it down, so after a dozen ends the score stood at 10-11 and anyone’s game. But disaster struck as Jet dropped a full count and then a multiple to be down 10-17 and the Manager/Marker was worried!! But all was cool with the Jet, he won the next end, went long and never looked back as he reeled of 6 ends in a row to establish a handy 25-17 lead. Algester clawed a couple of ends back but Jet was now cruising and took the win 31-21. Not a bad comeback, 21 shots to 4!! So 1-0 now to the Hill.

The triples team was totally revamped this week and we fielded a team of 3 of the steadiest draw bowlers in the club in Fillet, Marto and Roller. Fillet up front was on fire and consistently on the jack so we always had a good start. Marto was superb adding to Fillet’s good work and on those occasions when Fillet wasn’t there he got the shot himself. This “up front” magic made Roller’s job rather simple at the back end so much so that he got away without contributing much other than some astute skipping. We were never headed in this match and a 7 end winning burst saw us set up a comfortable win 27-18.

So 2-0 for the Hill but the Manager was still anxious trying to find that third rink.

As the triples was reworked this meant that something similar happened to the fours so this, and player unavailability saw us field the team of Cunno, Ned, Aka and Chappy. Cunno proved a revelation up front – he is one of the worst leads ever at getting the jack where the skip wants it, or even on the rink but this didn’t matter when time after time he put 2 bowls right on top of it – legend Cunno!! Despite Cunno’s form up front, we got off to a terrible start and were down 1-10 after just 6 ends. But the boys dug deep and got it back to 8-12 before disaster struck in the form of dropping 5 shots in one end. None of our boys could get it close on that end particularly the one using red bowls (who forgot the magic words “little ring on the inside”). We fought this one out to the end but went down 13-25. Now 2-1 to the Hill, and both pairs tight!

Inline image 1 Aka …. “Lord of the Rings”?

So we needed to find a win from one of the pairs games to take out the day. Bwian and Kitch were in a fantastic tussle up against an Algester team skipped by young Mitch Mears who is one of the best junior bowlers in the State. The Algester boys came out firing and had established an 8-1 lead after just 6 ends but the Hillbillies came back at them and by the 16th end it was Algester leading 12-11. So at this point we were all hoping that we might just scramble an unlikely win on this rink but we never managed to win another end and Algester ran away with it and we went down 11-24.

So all eyes and hopes turned to the final pairs rink where the Haydos/Tank pairing were looking for a hard game this week after recording, according to Tank, two “comfortable wins” – lets ignore the extra end win in the 1st round, they were comfortable …. This one also looked to be another comfortable win when we established an early 11-3 lead but Algester came back at us and by the 17th end they had taken the lead, albeit by 1 shot. We managed to snaffle a couple of shots over the next 2 ends and got the lead out to 18-16 but then dropped the next end for it to be all tied up at 18 all. On the final end, Tank got one nearby with his first bowl and surprisingly this pretty much stayed around as shot as the Algester boys struggled to find their line and length when it was needed, so much so that Haydos didn’t have to play his last bowl and so we managed a vital win 20-18.

That was a much needed 3-2 win for the Hillbillies and we have another home game next week against Manly who, as carpet players, may find our greens a touch more interesting.

Premier Sevens Round 5 vs Beaudesert (Away)

Red Hill went down to Ladder Leaders Beaudesert 0-3. All concerned gave a very good account of themselves in the extremely hot and dry conditions.

En route, part of our posse decided Beaudesert was a little too far, preferring to travel to Beenleigh for a game!

Once sorted, (and Wayno had selected who’s bowls to borrow – his were at the Club – but locked in!) we started with great gusto, Bernie on fire in the singles opening up a 21-8 lead! Unfortunately Schlossy though it was 21 up, and his work was already done!

The Sevens – Bernie Schloss, Al Daniels, Vince Knauth, Greeny, Rod McConochie, Swervin’ Mervin Turner and Wayno Henshaw all enjoyed the experience despite the obvious difficulties, and were a real credit to the Club! Well done Guys!