Red Hill Community Sports Club Inc was formed in June 2011 from a merging of elements from Normanby Rugby League Club, Normanby Social Bowls Club and the Ashgrove RSL.

The group was formed to keep the site at 22 Fulcher Road Red Hill (formally Ithaca Bowls Club) in community hands after Ithaca Bowls Club went into voluntary receivership in June 2011.

The site has a rich history.

The town of Ithaca grew up next to its neighbours of Toowong and Brisbane and stretched from Paddington to the current day Ashgrove taking in areas such as Lang Park and Bancroft Park, Kelvin Grove. (Photo, Ithaca Town Hall)

On 22 December 1919, the Mayor of Ithaca, J.F.Hayward (photo, left) opened stage one of the development of a large parkland area just off the Waterworks Road at the foot of the long hill below Arthur Terrace. The area contained two cricket pitches, two double tennis courts and basketball and a children’s playground area were provided for.

The area was a drawcard for community events and many fetes and family gatherings took place at the park on the banks of Ithaca Creek.

By 1929, the area had come under the control of the Brisbane City Council after the merger of the previous town councils in 1925. The Parks committee approved the allocation of an area for a bowls club and a new cricket oval. The bowls club would be given an area in the North-West corner of the park and the cricket club would be given the area between the bowling ground and the creek.

On Saturday, May 9, 1931, Alderman Archibald Watson, the Lord Mayor of Brisbane officially opened the green. “I declare the green open for the pleasure of the district,” he said.

The club grew quickly and barely a year after opening on Wednesday 13 July 1932, it hosted the touring Victorian State team, with the locals going down 124 – 153, winning on one of the five rinks played.

The Ithaca Club continued to grow into the 1960s to the 1980s with a new brick clubhouse and extensions, until the membership numbers peaked and slowly declined, especially as the new century dawned.

Rugby League was first played at Gilbert Park in the 1920s with the Gilbert Rugby League Football Team calling the park its home ground. The Red Hill Club played its home fixtures there in the 1940s as did Wests-Ithaca. The Normanby Football Club’s association with the site dates from the 1950s when they played out of the ground.

From this association of playing on adjacent grounds, it was inevitable that the cubs would form a relationship. In the 1960s, many of the retired players and committee began playing bowls and eventually the Normanby Social Bowls Club was formed, playing home fixtures out of Ithaca.

The Red Hill Community Sports Club is a combination of Normanby Rugby League Football Club, Normanby Social Bowls Club, the Ashgrove RSL Sub-Branch and some of the remaining members of the defunct Ithaca Bowls Club and will continue to run the facility primarily as a bowls club, but has opened membership to the broader community.

We welcome barefoot bowlers and cater for birthdays and other celebrations with a combination of bowls and a BBQ.